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 +===== Shield =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​shield_sdin_s.png?​300|}}
 +Shield plays a role of intermediator between sensors and end user. It reads the values from sensors and display it on LCD possibly save them on SD card. Shield has eight RJ connectors: 3 analog, 4 digital and one for I2C communication. All sensors are connected to this connectros (for more look at [[cs:​sensuino|Sensuino]]). ​
 +RJ connectros are 4-pin (4P-4C). Every digital connectro linked with two digital pins on arduino, +5V and  GND. Every analog connectors is linked with one analog pin on arduina, +5V, VIN pin and GND. I2C connector is linked with SDA pin(A4), SCL pin (A5), +5V and GND. Supplying +5V for analog pins is stabilized with external ​ voltage stabilizer on Sensuino shield. LCD and SD are linked with arduino by SPI interface. All four buttons are connected to one analog pin on arduino (look at [[cs:​menu|menu]]).
 +==== Schema ====
 +==== PCB ====
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