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Sensuino is an open platform designed for measuring and control grow rooms and greenhouses. Key part of whole system is Sensuino shield which all other modules are connected to (look at connection schematic). This time it is possible to connect this modules:

Shield have built-in LCD display and SD card slot which allows user to watch actual measured values on display and simultaneously save them on SD card. LCD also serves for basic setting of module in Menu in which user is navigated with four buttons. In addition of the possibility of setting actually connected modules it is possible to calibrate pH and EC modules. Moreover it is possible to connect Sensuino shield with USB cable to PC and all setting make in program SensApl which is for free and can be downloaded here.

Sensuino is built on arduino platform. Specifically it is powered by Arduino UNO. Code for Sensuino is available at github and by its basic modification one can achieve extended functionality e.g. switching and regulation. It is also possible to implement control logic in SensApl program which is written in JAVA ( Source code is also available on github. Use of PC for control brings more robustness and stability of control algorithms and it is also possible to connect remotely on PC and control SENSUINO from remote computer.

Sensuino shield manual is for download here .

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